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This fresh food category of trays includes sandwiches, wraps, hero, hoagies, dipping snacks, protein packs, fruit and hard-boiled eggs, among others.

Our large assortment of sandwich wedges, submarine sandwiches, hoagies and wrap trays are the perfect packaging for convenience stores, vending and self-serve kiosks wanting to keep their costs low while reducing the amount of packaging materials they use in their operation.  Whether you’re packing wedge sandwiches, grinders or flatbreads, these trays will fit your needs.

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Intermediate Wedge 5502 Natural
Intermediate Wedge 5502 White
Intermediate Wedge 5502 Red
Intermediate Wedge 5502 Sky Blue
Intermediate Wedge 5502 Yellow
Intermediate Wedge 5502 Green
Intermediate Wedge 5502 Black
Intermediate Wedge 5502 Black, Barrier
Intermediate Wedge 5502 Clear
Deep Wedge 5552 Natural
Deep Wedge 5552 White
Deep Wedge 5552 Red
Deep Wedge 5552 Sky Blue
Deep Wedge 5552 Yellow
Deep Wedge 5552 Green

If you are a K-12 school nutrition program, university, micro-market, convenience store or health care meal service, you can benefit by placing these lightweight and recyclable trays into your finished products. 

Produce and distribute properly portioned meals in a safe and sanitary way with our film-sealed tray packaging options, which provide an airtight seal to maintain freshness and cleanliness, along with a water tight and tamper-evident seal that customers will appreciate.  Learn more about what makes us a leader in our industry.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased eye appeal, great meal presentations
  • Individually sealed menu items
  • Reduced plastic usage (film seal versus rigid lids)
  • Cost savings versus hinged tray options
  • Lower food costs
  • Protection against damaged meals
  • Compostable tray options are also available
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