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In addition to our full line of Lidding Sealing Equipment, we also offer a complimentary array of auxiliary support equipment to enhance all types of production requirements.

Lazy Susan Accumulator - LS100
LS100 Lazy Susan Accumulator
31 1/2" Diameter29" - 30" Adjustable

The LS100 accumulator is designed to increase productivity through the efficient handling of the finished product, without interrupting the continuous lidding process. Construction highlights include totally enclosed stainless steel, swivel & locking casters, and a variable speed motor.

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ZT-6 Wire Top Zinc Protoxy Table

This sturdy and functional worktable has swivel casters with brakes, allowing for complete mobility of lidding equipment and supplies. It is equipped with a racking module that can hold up to 12 sealing plates or tray holders and a plastic top shelf cover.

Inline belted conveyor - FPBC120
FPBC120 Inline Belted Conveyor

The FPBC120 inline belted conveyor is equipped with a variable speed control, 12″ wide belt, and a photo-optic sensor that helps control production flow.

ZT-6 Wire Top Zinc Protoxy Table
Tray Denesters
Mounted on MachineFully with HHA600

The vacuum tray denester is constructed of anodized aluminum with stainless steel hoppers. The vacuum tray denester automatically denests empty trays onto the conveyor line and can accommodate either dual or single lane conveyors

ZT-6 Wire Top Zinc Protoxy Table
Mechanical Denesters

Also known as a screw denester, the Mechanical Denester automatically denests trays onto the conveyor line by utilizing rotating screws, and is a  fully adjustable, stand-alone denester, constructed of stainless steel with a servo motor and speed adjustments.

Tray filling system
Tray Filling System
CustomizableFully AutomatedSingle / Multiple

Our portable, power filler units assure fast, precise, dripless dispensing of viscous product, cutting meal assembly time and reducing food waste. All filler units dispense using a variety of different accessories and custom spout configurations.

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