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Whether you are looking to expand your prepared foods, introduce a new line of food items or feature unique consumer-friendly packaging, Form Plastics can offer the right balance of quality packaging options.

Grab & go programs have revolutionized how food is presented and merchandised, ranging from airports to corporate outings to Senior Feeding Programs.  A freshly-made meal packaged in our lightweight, yet sturdy containers provides a convenient alternative for individuals looking for quick meals on the go.

For any questions or to speak with one of our knowledgeable customer support team members, contact us today and we’ll help you find exactly what you’re looking for!

1 Cmpt Platter 6610 Black
1 Cmpt Platter 6610 Clear
2 Cmpt Platter 6612 Black
2 Cmpt Platter 6612 Clear
1 Cmpt Mini Platter 6620 Black
1 Cmpt Mini Platter 6620 Clear
3 Cmpt Platter 6732 Black

Retail, grab & go cooler applications and home meal replacement are examples of businesses that can benefit by placing these lightweight and recyclable trays into their finished products.

Produce and distribute properly portioned meals in a safe and sanitary way with our film-sealed tray packaging options, which provide an airtight seal to maintain freshness and cleanliness, along with a water tight and tamper-evident seal. Learn more about what makes us a leader in our industry.

Additional benefits include:

  • Increased eye appeal, great meal presentations
  • Individually sealed menu items
  • Reduced food waste
  • Reduced plastic usage (film seal versus rigid lids)
  • Cost savings versus hinged tray options
  • Lower food costs
  • Protection against damaged meals
  • Compostable tray options are also available
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