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Flip-It-Fresh™ Tray 6094
Flip-It-Fresh™ Tray 6094
Part Number6094-128500
Oz Capacity22
Length6 1/2
Depth1 7/8
CS Weight25.20
CS Cube4.670

The 6094-128500 Flip-it-Fresh container is the perfect plastic tray packaging solution for lunch or dinner items such as chicken salad, chef salad, taco salad, fajita salad, Caesar salad, veggie salads, or snacks (watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes, etc.).  When sealed with our lidding film, it provides an air and water-tight, tamper-evident seal to help package fresh, food-safe end products.  When combined with companion pieces 6094-DIVIDER and 6094-LID, it is the perfect Flip-it-Fresh solution for a freshly tossed salad by keeping the salad dressing separate from the salad.  Place your desired amount of dressing into the bottom of the tray, insert the 6094-DIVIDER and place your lettuce and salad toppings above the divider.  When you’re ready to incorporate the dressing into the salad, snap on the 6094-LID, flip the container to allow the dressing to mix with the salad, shake it and your salad is ready to enjoy.

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