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3 Cmpt Dual Ovenable Tray 6547 CPET
3 Cmpt Dual Ovenable Tray 6547 CPET
Part Number6547-404539***
Oz Capacity9, 4, 4
Length6 1/2
Depth1 3/4
CS Weight35.00
CS Cube4.970

Make takeout easier and spill-free with the black 6547-404539 tray packaging solution for breakfast items (French toast sticks with sausage and syrup), lunch or dinner items (turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes, enchiladas with rice and beans, roasted chicken with cornbread and vegetables, taquitos with beans, cheese and salsa, egg roll with sweet and sour sauce, drumstick with corn and mashed potatoes, slice pork roast with rice and gravy, hot dog in a bun with chili and mixed vegetables) and snack items (baked tortilla chips with salsa and cheese dip) that, when film sealed with our film sealing equipment, will help to maintain freshness with an airtight, tamper-evident seal.

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