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Innovative solutions provider to the Airline industry.

Since its inception in 1969, Form Plastics continues to be an innovator and solutions provider to the Airline industry by helping solve onboard, in-flight and supply chain requirements. Our development of thermoformed plastic carrier trays, pre-pack catering pop-out trays, in-flight service lids, tray drawer organizers and collapsible grab & go snack boxes has revolutionized the in-flight and airline catering business.

Many major airlines have turned to us for packaging and shipping solutions. Innovation was key when Form Plastics was approached by a major airline to solve their glass bowl breakage problems in First Class. With the development of a custom plastic tray, we not only reduced the safety liability, we improved this airline’s bottom line due to the cost savings. Solutions like this have become industry standards and have had an impact on the bottom line for our airline customers and in addition, provide the following benefits:  Increased convenience for the crew and passengers, increased efficiency, less clean up, less breakage, lightweight portability, and reduced waste.

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